The following rules govern the “Procedure” for the return of products sold by Refrigerant Coupling Systems, Inc.


  1. Download a blank form from our website, or fill it out online by clicking here, or call RCS, Inc. customer support and request an RMA request form.
  2. The customer is responsible to fill out the RMA form completely.
  3. When filling out the reason for return, be as specific as you can. If you are returning a suspected non-conforming product, do not use the word “defective”. RCS, Inc. will need to know the specific reason the product is being returned.


  1. Once the form is completely filled out, return it by fax.


  1. RCS, Inc. will then process the RMA request. If everything is filled out properly, we will issue an RMA number and email the form back to the customer. If RCS, Inc. finds a discrepancy, we will contact the customer to get the matter resolved.


  1. The customer contacts the person that will be shipping the product(s) back to us and gives them a copy of the RMA form which HAS TO ACCOMPANY the returned shipment. The customer is also responsible to let the shipper know to clearly mark the RMA number on the outside of the returned carton(s). The return information is printed on the official RMA form which is generated from our system.
  2. If RCS, Inc. receives a carton of product(s) that does not have the RMA number written on the box AND does not contain the official RMA paperwork, the carton will be returned to sender at their cost.


  1. The RMA is shipped back to RCS, Inc. The factory RMA department reviews the paperwork against the product(s) that were returned and inspects them. Upon count and inspection:
    • a. If the product(s) are found to be new and unused and we can put back into inventory, the paperwork is forwarded to the RCS, Inc. Accounting Department to process the credit less a restocking fee.
    • b. If the product(s) are found to have been tampered with or there’s evidence of prior use, the customer will be notified, and no credit will be issued. It will be up to the customer if they want item(s) shipped back to their facility, collect, or for RCS, Inc. to dispose of the product(s). If we do not hear back from the customer within thirty (30) days after we have reported the findings, RCS, Inc. will dispose of the product(s) automatically.

Rules, for the above-mentioned steps.

  1. Returned product(s) ARE NOT to be shipped to RCS, Inc. without first receiving an official RMA number/ paperwork. The shipper MUST include a copy of the RMA paperwork with the shipment and clearly mark the assigned RMA number on the outside of the carton(s). Failure to do so will result in a returned shipment at your expense.
  2. All returns are subject to our in-house count and inspection.
  3. No credit will be issued on product(s) found to be obsolete, returned damaged, or obvious evidence that the product(s) were tampered or altered in the field. At that time the customer will be notified on our findings.
  4. Returned shipments are to ship back to RCS, Inc. via PREPAID by the customer, unless pre-authorized by the factory.
  5. If the return is being made because of a factory error or non-conforming material, credit will be issued to cover the cost of the product(s) and the freight to ship it back to us.
  6. If our inspection and testing determine that the returned product(s) are not defective, a charge of $50.00 will be assessed to the RMA and no credit will be issued. (Customers will be notified of this and asked how they want the product(s) shipped back to them, which will be shipped collect. On the day the customer is notified, he/she then has thirty (30) days to inform us how they want the product(s) shipped back. In the event the customers do not notify us after the thirty (30) days, we will discard the product(s) and no credit will be issued.
  7. Do not send a product(s) back that is not listed on the RMA paperwork. You can ONLY send back what is listed on the RMA paperwork issued by RCS, Inc.
  8. Unless authorization has been given to the customer by an RCS, Inc. manager, no made to order or special ordered products will be allowed to be returned.
  9. No RMA will be issued for any electric or battery operated tools. RCS, Inc. does not repair or service these tools. Do not return any electric or battery operated tool, their batteries, or chargers to RCS, Inc. These items are warranted separately by their respective manufacturers. When such items are found to be inoperable, the Customer shall return them to their respective manufacturers for warranty and repair purposes under these manufacturers policy.
  10. When shipping RMAs’ back to us, keep a record of the shipment tracking number and/or the LTL pro number. There are times when we do not show the item received and require a “proof of delivery” to see who signed for it here at the RCS, Inc. factory and the date it was received.
  11. An, RMA # is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issued and must be on official factory RMA paperwork.

Terms and Conditions that govern issuance of credit on an RMA.

  1. If the RMA is a result of an RCS, Inc. error in shipping, order entry or manufacture:
    • a. There will be no restocking charge.
    • b. RCS, Inc. will issue credit for the freight to ship the return back to us
    • c. Full credit for product(s) and freight will be issued.
    • d. RCS, Inc. will pay freight to ship the correct part out to the customer.
  2. If the RMA is a result of the customer error:
    • a. If a change is made to the order after the product(s) have already been built and are in the RCS, Inc. shipping department, but HAVE NOT YET SHIPPED, a 5% change fee (of the total net amount of the order) or $50.00 flat fee, whichever is greater, will be issued against that purchase order. RCS, Inc. will create an RMA to return those products back into our inventory. The customer is then responsible to send RCS, Inc. a corrected purchase order.
    • b. If the RMA request is made within (2) months from the date we shipped the order, a 20% restocking charge will be applied or $25.00 flat fee, whichever is larger.
    • c. If the RMA request is over (2) months but less than (12) months from the date of shipment, a 30% restocking charge will be applied or $25.00 flat fee, whichever is larger.
    • d. If the RMA request is over (12) months, the restock charge will be determined on a case by case basis by the manager of the given department.
  3. SPECIAL Made To-Order Products:
    • a. No RMA will be issued for any made to order or special ordered products which differ from our published catalog products.
    • b. Product warranties are found with every RCS, Inc. order acknowledgment.
  4. Multiple Items to Return:a. You must provide an individual request form for items that are returned and have different purchase order numbers.

Non-Conformance Analysis RMAs

  1. If a non-conformance analysis report is requested, the customer must provide RCS, Inc. with a full detail account of the occurrence for the investigation.
  2. RCS, Inc. will begin the investigation and analysis process up on receipt of the product(s) but the process’ actual completion time will not be known until the factory engineers complete the evaluation.
  3. All mechanically attached fitting products returned for non-conformance analysis must have a minimum 6 inches of connecting tubing on both sides of the product for hydrostatic and pneumatic test if required. Returned product(s) without the minimum require connected tubing lengths, or if the tube ends are deformed or deemed not suitable for connection to the test equipment, will only be visually inspected.
  4. All mechanically attached fitting product(s) returned for analysis if deemed necessary for the performance of the analysis may be subjected to destructive testing procedure(s).
  5. If our inspection and testing determines that the returned product(s) are not defective and the reason for failure is from improper installation technique, improper handling, abused, dropped, improper treatment, or misused, a charge of $50.00 will be assessed to the RMA and no credit will be issued.
  6. RMAs that have been returned and found defective and ARE NOT under warranty, RCS, Inc. will notify the customer of these findings and the customer has thirty (30) days to advise us to ship the items back or to dispose of them. After the thirty (30) days, automatic disposal will take place.